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FOX News
Nov 9, 2009 5:00am EST
, but eventually their health care systems are now more affordable than the united states. >> yeah, their countries are bankrupt. quickly to quentin's point about businesses, you can become an entrepreneur, that takes, now, that ignores the fact that the health reform bill has an insurance mandate, an 8% payroll tax. if you become an entrepreneur and you can't afford to insure your workers which is had an an insurance mandate is. if you're an individual entrepreneur you have to pay tax-- >> look at leo, waiting to be called on. neil, go ahead. in this system i don't want to be a patient, but this is like digging holes and filling them in. nothing to say that this is going to get its arms around our real problem. this is bad for the economy? >> twice as much as our competitors as other industrialized competitors on our health care and this is not going to reduce the cost, this is not going to make us a more competitive society and there's nothing to say that this is really going to improve our health. >> and in fact, is that 2000 pages, that's what they're debating right now, 2000 pages and there ar
FOX News
Nov 16, 2009 5:00am EST
costs. david: i remember the former prime minister of canada sent his mother to the united states for treatment. >> i don't know. i think that's a red herring. the fact of the matter is -- >> red hering? >> the problem that we have -- mike, we have a private healthcare system in this country, and the costs are totally out of control. so i don't think you can only blame the government for spending beyond its means here. david: the boss wants in. go ahead, steve. >> we don't have real freer enterprise in healthcare because there's a disconnect between the consumer and provider, which is why, when you go to a hospital, clinic or doctor and ask you what the cost is, either you're craze or you don't have insurance. no other part of economic life would you want something and not know the cost. but in healthcare, why do you care? what does it cost? nobody knows. david: so socialism won't save us, but capitalism will. >> true capitalism in medical care. david: forget cost cuts to pay for healthcare, now congress may hike payroll taxes to help cover the bill. you'll hear about that in 10 m
FOX News
Nov 7, 2009 11:00am EST
's not there in the united nations. there's a perception that the united states is, again, looking and trying to understand it. fort hood is a good example, frankly, where you had a radical islamist shoot and kill 13 people. and so america is ambivalent. and when america is ambivalent with the leadership role, jamie, that's not good. jamie: what do you think is holding up the decision by the president? >> i think he's re-examining it, the number 40,000 may be too much for him. i think he also had politics, the election last week, the health care bill which your previous segment just talked about. and then, of course, he expect there had would have been an afghan election today. that didn't happen. so those are some of the things that are coming into play. but frankly, this is an em bolding of the radical islamist and the taliban. he must make a decision. jamie: now that the election issue is resolved and hamid karzai is the one who will stay, then how much time do we really have before we let our troops know? and if it's not 40,000, could the president not say let me send 10,000 at a time? or do you need t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)